Health and Safety Violations at Amazon's California Facilities







And Counting?

Men killed at Amazon site in Suffolk worked for contractor cited before for deaths

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View the OSHA Inspection Detail the OSHA Citations

OSHA Violations

Golden State FC LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Some of these violations are open or under contest

AmazonFails Health & Safety

The truth about injuries at Amazon

As a result of Reveal reporter Will Evans’into injuries at Amazon warehouses across the country last year, sources shared a trove of internal records, giving an unprecedented view into the company’s safety record.

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How Amazon hid its safety crisis

Robots. Prime Day. Holiday peak. Internal records show Amazon has deceived the public on rising injury rates among its warehouse workers.

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What are injury rates like at Amazon warehouses?

Amazon’s warehouse injury rates have been secret for years despite mounting public concerns over labor practices and lack of worker safety.

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